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Dietitians and physicians will suggest some selected foods for their nutrition. Is it necessary to eat a specific food for getting particular nutrition? Let me give an example to understand the human body and food functions. If a poor woman, who eats only rice porridge daily, gets married; Can she be pregnant? Can she give birth to a child?.

If her child is born,
1. Will that child have a face, eyes, ears, mouth, and nose?
2. Will that child have bones in its body?
3. Will that child have skin?
4. Will the tooth grow for that child?
5. Will that child grow up like other children?
6. Will that child have an immune system?
7. Will that child contain internal organs, will they be functioning correctly?.
8. Will that child's body have the required vitamins, minerals, and nutrition?

An answer to all questions above will be, Yes! It will. 

Whatever nutrition contains in the body of a baby born to wealthy parents; Also will be for the impoverished parents' baby. Above mentioned woman only consume plain rice porridge. According to modern science, rice contains carbohydrates and little other nutrition.

How did that woman's body gather all the necessary nutrition? How did that woman's body provide the nutrition needed for pregnancy? How did the baby in the womb of a poor lady get all vitamins, minerals, calcium, protein, fat, and all other diets to grow up?

Women's bodies required calcium, magnesium, protein, fat, sodium, glucose, vitamins, and minerals during pregnancy. How did that poor woman receiveth those nutritions? How do poor women around the world gain those nutritions; Meanwhile they didn't consume nutritious foods during pregnancy?.

The real fact is that those poor women's bodies produced all necessary nutrition from any food they consume. You may be surprised and hard to believe, but this is the real fact of the human digestive system. It can produce whatever nutrition it requires, from any consumed food.

In the rural villages of India and some other developing countries, Their people only consume simple foods and live healthily. They didn't choose the food, and they didn't eat any specific foods for their dietary needs.

The food does not need to be chosen or avoided. Just eat what you like, your body knows what to do with it. But the rules of eating should be followed.

The body's rule for consuming
The first and foremost important law of consumption is to wait for the body’s order in the form of hunger or thirst.

1. Do not eat if you are not hungry.
2. Do not drink water much while eating
3. Stop eating once the appetite is gone.
4. Feel and taste the food properly.
5. Chew the food properly before swallowing.
6. Do not drink water 30 minutes before and after eating.
7. Eat foods that are suitable for the body’s condition.
8. Eat foods that are easy to digest.
9. Eat less at night, and only eat lite foods.
10. Have your dinner before 7 pm.
11. Avoiding eating or eating only fruits at night will be better.

Whatever you eat; The body can produce all and any nutrition from it, when you follow the body’s rules.

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