Eating habit

A farmer works hard after eating simple food, but some wealthy people feel drowsy after eating the food believed to be completely nutritious. Some feel tired, sleepy, and heavier in their stomach. Since they eat healthy foods or rich nutrition-contained foods, Why do they feel so?.

For healing the illness and living a healthy life, we do not need to eat any special foods. We only need to eat the food which can be digested quickly and eat it properly. 

The energy that is needed by the body is produced through the digestive system with multiple levels of the digestion process from the mouth to the intestine. If consumed food is difficult to digest and the digestion is incomplete, he still will be lacking energy even eat nutritious food. Perfect digestion is more important than nutritious foods.

The best and most beneficial food for humans is fruits. To be healthy forever everyone should consume more fruits, especially sweet local fruits. It contains many essential nutrients such as calcium, fiber, folate, iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium, fiber, and vitamins.

Fruits are the only complete food that fulfills humans ’ all energy and nutrition needs. 

To live healthy forever please avoid eating processed and preserved foods. The chemicals contained in those foods will harm the body and cause illnesses.

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